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  • Not all interest rate increases are created equal

    Sep 26/18, Category finance

    Rising interest rates are disruptive. They can hit cash flow budgets and create the need to adjust the level and mix of...

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  • The Impact Farming Show - Dean Klippenstine

    Sep 26/18, Category impact farming

    On this episode of Impact Farming, we sit down with Dean Klippenstine to discuss why you should incorporate the farm.  Do...

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  • Meat rules need relaxing, say some Alberta producers and hunters

    Sep 25/18, Category livestock

    Sending his animals to be killed at a slaughterhouse is the worst part of Takota Coen's work as a young producer. He's...

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  • Villa Maria students combine science and agriculture with Techno-Farm project

    Sep 25/18, Category general

    Students at Villa Maria High School are preparing for their first fall harvest at the new Techno-Farm. They have been...

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  • Will the 'Farm Boy way' change after acquisition?

    Sep 25/18, Category general

    Some customers are concerned that things will change for FarmBoy after being acquired by the parents company of the Sobeys...

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  • Driverless tractors

    Sep 24/18, Category general technology

    A Silicon Valley startup company is increasing farmingproductivity by developing driverless tractors. NBC's Lora Kolodny...

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  • Shoppers Drug Mart gets medical pot license from Health Canada

    Sep 24/18, Category general

    TORONTO - Shoppers Drug Mart has received Health Canada's approval to be a licensed medical marijuana producer, opening the...

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  • Vet school on the range: Family donates cattle ranch to University of Calgary

    Sep 24/18, Category general livestock

    CALGARY - The University of Calgary has lassoed a $44 million ranch for it veterinary education program. The cattle...

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  • Alberta does not support federal proposal to ban use of strychnine for gophers

    Sep 21/18, Category general

    EDMONTON - The Alberta government is telling Ottawa it does not support a federal proposal to ban the use of liquid...

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  • Winter-like harvest weather threatens Prairie crops

    Sep 21/18, Category crops/grain

    Western Canada’s harvest weather has been far less than ideal after an already challenging growing season. Frost, pounding...

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