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  • The Impact Farming Show Receives Best of CAMA Award

    Nov 19/19, Category impact farming

    Farm Marketer is pleased to announce that The Impact Farming Show won a BEST OF CAMA 2019 Award at the awards gala held last...

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  • Montana's latest plan to guard against feral hogs from Canada: Ask for squealers

    Nov 19/19, Category general

    BILLINGS, Mont. -- Officials in Montana are marshalling their resources and enlisting the public's help to keep encroaching...

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  • Harvest a struggle in Alberta, Saskatchewan, but a miracle in Manitoba

    Nov 19/19, Category general

    Winter's icy fingers have touched most of the Prairies since late September, causing havoc and frustration for many farmers...

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  • China lifts ban on U.S. chickens after 5 years

    Nov 18/19, Category livestock general

    WASHINGTON -- China is lifting a five-year ban on U.S. poultry, a goodwill gesture at a time when the world's two biggest...

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  • Grain producers are seeking support after weather decimated harvests

    Nov 18/19, Category crops/grain

    LONGUEUIL -- The early arrival of snow has added to a tough season for grain producers across the province who are now...

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  • A cow with no name sells for $140,000 at Lethbridge auction

    Nov 18/19, Category livestock

    LETHBRIDGE — An eight-year-old purebred Black Angus cow has been sold at an Alberta auction this week for $140,000, a price...

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  • Focus on agriculture, increasing oil production among aims of new Sask. growth plan

    Nov 15/19, Category general

    SASKATOON -- Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe’s new growth plan includes two lofty goals: adding more than 220,000 residents...

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  • Keeping your credit score healthy

    Nov 15/19, Category finance

    Numerous pitfalls exist that can lower credit scores, and some are easier to identify than others, agricultural financial...

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  • Wet weather calls for careful pasture management

    Nov 15/19, Category livestock

    Wet pastures are a problem for producers in many parts of the country this year. But with careful and creative pasture...

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  • Record number of bushfires hit Australia's east

    Nov 14/19, Category general

    Australian firefighters warned they were in "uncharted territory" as they struggled to contain dozens of out-of-control...

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