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  • IF 73: Is Bigger Really Better? w/Terry Betker

    Jan 29/20

    In today’s show, Tracy and Terry discuss the controversial and often emotional subject of farm growth in an episode titled “Is Bigger Always Better?”

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  • IF 72: The Keys To Financial Success w/Terry Betker

    Jan 22/20

    In today’s episode, Tracy speaks to Terry Betker from BackSwath Management about “The Keys to Financial Success.”

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  • IF 71: Setting Your Farm Up For Success w/Terry Betker

    Jan 15/20

    In today’s show, we speak with Terry Betker from Backswath Management about “Setting Your Farm Up For Success.”

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  • IF 70: Maximize Your Farm Results With Leadership Training w/Kelly Dobson

    Jan 08/20

    In today’s episode, Tracy speaks with Kelly Dobson, chief leadership officer of LeaderShift Inc, about “Maximizing Your Farm Results With Leadership Training.”

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  • IF 69: A New Frontier For Grain Marketing w/Mike Witkowicz

    Jan 01/20

    In today’s episode, we speak to Mike from the Ag Exchange Group about “A New Frontier For Grain Marketing.”

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  • IF 68: The Farm CEO w/Kelly Dobson

    Dec 18/19

    In today’s episode, Tracy speaks with Kelly Dobson, chief leadership officer of LeaderShift Inc, about “The Farm CEO” and the importance of farmers adapting an executive mindset when it comes to their farming operation.

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  • IF 67: Is Stress Really A Choice: Our conversation with Louise Sanders

    Dec 11/19

    If you have ever found yourself feeling stressed you will not want to miss this episode where Tracy and Louise explore what is stress, what causes stress and how we can "simply" choose not to become stressed. Intrigued? Tune into this episode right away.

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  • IF 66: Need To Chat Mental Health? w/Sylvia Massinon

    Dec 04/19

    In this week’s episode, we speak to Sylvia Massinon, a Social Worker & Educator, about resources available to farmers that are in distress.

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  • IF 65: Advice That Could Save A Life w/ Shawn Brook

    Nov 27/19

    In this week’s episode “Advice That Could Save a Life…”, we speak to Shawn Brook in a poignant interview about his very personal experience with mental illness and suicide.

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  • IF 64: Front Line Workers In Ag & Mental Health Concerns w/Gerry Friesen

    Nov 20/19

    In last week’s episode, we covered “Tough Times in Farming & Mental Health Concerns.” This episode is created with the farmer in mind.

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