IF 114: “The Success-Energy Equation In Farming" w/Michelle Cederberg



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Episode 114: “The Success-Energy Equation In Farming" w/Michelle Cederberg

In today’s episode, Tracy chats with Michelle about why she wrote the book and who she wrote it for. We all know that farmers are masters of getting sh!t done; however, energy management is key to sustaining what we do as farmers, and we wanted to bring Michelle on to speak about some of her key takeaways from this book.

Here is a highlight from the book’s preface:

In The Success-Energy Equation, she shows you how, by using the wisdom of science and your innate common sense, you can combat 21st-and-a-quarter-century stress and tap into a well of energy that will fuel every area of your life. She shows you how slowing down and listening to your body can help you work better and how a focus on health and energy management will sustain your efforts in all you do.

With the right tools and guidance, great things are possible for you. The Success-Energy Equation teaches you how you can boost your energy to:
  • Go from being stuck on autopilot to thriving with awareness
  • Set worthwhile goals that feed your sense of purpose
  • Work better, smarter, and with more focus
  • Improve your attitude, self-confidence, and self-efficacy
  • Create a life of greater clarity and fulfillment
  • And much more.
Energy is a magic multiplier that will drive you toward higher levels of success in life. It’s also your not-so-secret weapon against 21st-and-a-quarter-century stress. Engage your success-energy, reach your goals, and live a life you truly want.

We hope that you enjoy this interview as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.


* Disclaimer - As always, this information is not intended to provide business or medical advice. To ensure that your own circumstances have been properly considered and that action is taken based on the latest information available, you should obtain professional advice from qualified business or medical professionals before acting on any of the information in this post.

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THE SUCCESS-ENERGY EQUATION - How to Regain Focus, Recharge Your Life + Really Get Sh!t Done

If you are interested in Michelle’s book, you can order your very own copy from Michelle’s website or at Amazon

Engage your Success-Energy, Reach Your Goals, and Create the Life and Career You Want.

We all have goals for ourselves, but with crazy schedules and constant demands stealing our focus, we get stalled out, or stuck. Add to that the drain of digital noise and distractions from our devices, and we simply don’t have the energy to progress in the areas that are most important to us. This is 21st-and-a-quarter-century stress, and it’s messing with our success.

As the world demands more from us. The Success-Energy Equation is a formula worth exploring. This book shows you that with the right tools and guidance, great things are possible. By using the wisdom of science and your innate common sense, you can tap into a well of energy that will fuel every area of your life and drive you to higher levels of success.

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 Show Guest

Michelle Cederberg
Change Agent | Author


To say that I’m inspired by the power of the human spirit is an understatement.

I’ve spent most of my life in the realm of human performance – as a competitive kayaker, as an avid outdoor enthusiast; mountain biker, rock climber and snowboarder. I’ve been a fitness instructor and personal trainer. I am a psychology major turned Kinesiology Master. I’ve worked as a college instructor, health educator, and personal trainer always interested in what makes people tick – inside and out.

Now, as a coach, consultant, and professional speaker I educate busy, driven professionals about purpose, productivity and the pursuit of better.

If anything drives me it’s this: to empower every person who dreams of more to go for it, every leader who dares to make a difference to trust they’re able, and every go-getter with a vision for success to say “Yeah, I can!”

We only get one chance at this thing called life.

I say, dare to live it BIG!

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