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Episode 105: Every Family's Business w/Tom Deans

In this week's episode, we speak to Tom Deans about his book, “Every Family’s Business.”

Every Family’s Business challenges the idea that successful family businesses must keep family issues and business issues separate. Tom believes this separation is impossible and that most family businesses are set up from the beginning to fail because they attempt it. Tom offers a compelling argument for why families should be clear about when they will sell the business and to whom. Families that are upfront and realistic about their goals for transitioning ownership of the company can avoid family conflict.

In this episode, Tracy and Tom chat about:
  • Tom shares his personal and professional experience in the family business arena and why he is so passionate about the subject. His family has an incredible story of how three generations have founded, operated, and sold their private and publicly traded companies for a combined value exceeding $100 million.
  • We chat about how business owners and farmers look at their family farm incorrectly. We tend to look at it as our legacy or "our baby" when it should be viewed as a vehicle to create and transfer wealth to the next generation.
  • We chat about how mindlessly passing the farm down from generation to generation plays into the shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves phenomena. Multi-generation farms generate a lot of pride and place a lot of pressure on farm children. Often farm children are pressured into staying on the farm when they would rather be doing anything else.
Love the farm and want to stay? Tom has a unique standpoint on transferring the farm to the next generation and how it should be done.

Tune in to find out more.


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Is farm transition on the horizon for your farm? If so, this book is a must read.

All around, Tom’s book, and it's sequel "Willing Wisdom" give farm families a new way of thinking about transitioning the farm or the farm’s wealth. He provides a framework of questions to answer to get the conversation started.

Tom has designed the 12 Common Sense Questions offered in Every Family’s Business to start a conversation among family members with the view of protecting wealth and relationships.

Make sure to get your copy of Tom's book HERE

Help Your Clients Protect Their Wealth - Hire Tom to Speak to Your Family Business Clients

Having successfully run his father’s business and helped sell it at the peak of its market value before the market crash in early 2007, Tom has emerged as a leading global expert on family business dynamics.
As the most in-demand family business speaker in North America, Tom is constantly meeting business owners and families who lament not hearing his message years earlier.

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 Show Guest

Tom Deans PhD
Intergenerational Wealth Transfer Expert, Award Winning Author, Award Winning Speaker

Tom Deans Understands Family Business Relationships

Tom knows from experience that the smoothest road to family wealth wisdom is through honest conversation.

Tom knows about family business relationships: he was president of his family-owned multi-national corporation for almost a decade. Three generations of Tom’s family have successfully sold their businesses for a combined value exceeding $100 million.

They attribute their success to the 12 Common Sense Questions Tom offers in his book, Every Family’s Business. These questions help families stay focused on building wealth, protecting it and keeping family relationships intact.

Sold in 14 countries, Every Family’s Business is the best-selling family business book of all time and has changed the lives of thousands of business owners and their families.

Connect with Tom Deans - TwitterLinkedInWebsite


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