2nd place Episode...


🥈2nd Place Winner - “A New Frontier For Grain Marketing” w/Mike Witkowicz

In celebration 🎉 of The Impact Farming Show's 2nd Anniversary, we are counting down and rebroadcasting the TOP 4 episodes from season two.

This week we are excited to bring you the 2nd highest listened to and watched episode, which was "A New Frontier For Grain Marketing" w/Mike Witkowicz.

This episode was originally aired on January 1, 2020, marking this as our first episode of the New Year! Little did we all know what 2020 was about to bring us. A year of uncertainty... a Worldwide pandemic and global closures. Now more than ever, we need to hear Mike’s message about proactively marketing our grain for maximum profit.

As farmers, we focus a lot of time and money on producing better crops to increase our yields. Rightfully so, as better crops and increased yields, tend to lead to increased farm revenues. This is every farmer’s end goal, isn’t it? Mike joins us today to share his thoughts on how farmers can maximize their crop production revenues through proactive grain marketing strategies and platforms.

You can catch the full episode <here>

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Tracy Brunet