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  • Countdown Contest

    Aug 26/20

    To celebrate the wrap up of Season 2 of The Impact Farming Show, we are running a contest. Enter to win a $250 VISA gift card. Three ways to enter are:

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  • 4th Place Episode is...

    Aug 05/20

    This week we are excited to bring you the 4th highest listened to and watched episode, which was "Grain Marketing in Uncertain Times" w/Dave Reimann.

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  • Season 2 Countdown Begins....

    Aug 04/20

    We are celebrating 2 years of The Impact Farming Show by counting down the TOP 4 episodes of season 2 throughout the month of August.

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  • Book Recommendation: Building Your Farm Legacy

    Jul 21/20

    Have you checked out Elaine Froese? She is a farm family coach with over 40 years of helping farm families get unstuck when it comes to farm transition. Her website is full of free resources and she also has a store where you can buy courses, books and much more to help your farm family succeed.

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  • FCC Young Farmer Summit ~ Winnipeg, March 2020

    Mar 03/20

    I have been hearing amazing things about FCC’s Young Farmer Summits being held across Canada.

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  • ‪🎧 Sneak Peek For This Week

    Feb 25/20

    This week, I chat with Zach Johnson the Millennial Farmer...

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  • (Show Trailer) Episode 76: We Need To Do More Ag w/Kim Keller

    Feb 20/20

    “I received a message from someone who had just lost a client to a farming suicide” said Kim.

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  • Join Us On YouTube

    Feb 19/20

    Every Wednesday, we post a full length video show dedicated to exploring the subjects that are important to farmers.

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  • CropConnect2020: Upcoming Episode Preview - The MN Millennial Farmer

    Feb 12/20

    Look who I just recorded an episode with....Zach Johnson the Millennial Farmer.

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  • Subscribe to The Impact Farming Show on YouTube

    Dec 29/19

    Did you know that you can watch full episodes of The Impact Farming Show on YouTube?

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