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  • IF 66: Need To Chat Mental Health? w/Sylvia Massinon

    Dec 04/19

    In this week’s episode, we speak to Sylvia Massinon, a Social Worker & Educator, about resources available to farmers that are in distress.

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  • IF 65: Advice That Could Save A Life w/ Shawn Brook

    Nov 27/19

    In this week’s episode “Advice That Could Save a Life…”, we speak to Shawn Brook in a poignant interview about his very personal experience with mental illness and suicide.

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  • IF 64: Front Line Workers In Ag & Mental Health Concerns w/Gerry Friesen

    Nov 20/19

    In last week’s episode, we covered “Tough Times in Farming & Mental Health Concerns.” This episode is created with the farmer in mind.

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  • IF 63: Trying Times In Farming & Mental Health Concerns w/Gerry Friesen

    Nov 13/19

    The Good Years vs. the Challenging Years... 2019, has been an unprecedented year of farming. Gerry talks about looking back while looking forward and the stresses involved that have been leading up to the perfect storm.

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  • IF 62: Mental Health Warning Signs w/Georges Sabongui

    Nov 06/19

    2019 has been a year for the books in the agriculture industry. Whether it was too much moisture or not enough, poor commodity prices and/or trade issues….

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  • IF 61: Transition Planning 101 - Part 3: "Implementation" w/George Sinker & Joseph Hentz

    Oct 30/19

    Start Early... Experts George Sinker and Joseph Hentz cannot stress enough how important this is for your family's farm future.

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  • IF 60: Transition Planning 101 - Part 2: "The Plan" w/George Sinker & Joseph Hentz

    Oct 23/19

    Do you find yourself to busy working IN the business with no time to work ON the business?

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  • IF 59: Transition Planning 101 - Part 1: Where To Start w/George Sinker & Joseph Hentz

    Oct 16/19

    In this episode of we are so excited to sit down with George Sinker and Joseph Hentz in Part One of our Three Part Mini Series on Transition Planning!

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  • IF 58: Tough Question on Farm Transition w/Brent VanParys & Elaine Froese

    Oct 09/19

    On this episode of Impact Farming, Tracy sits down with Brent VanParys and Elaine Froese to discuss the tough questions on Farm Transitions.

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  • IF 57: Building 100 Year Farm Wealth w/Chris Delaney

    Oct 02/19

    On Today's episode of Impact Farming, Tracy sits down with Chris Delaney to discuss the tough question...money and wealth.

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