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  • Column: Oil prices retreat as investor sentiment darkens

    Nov 21/22, Category general

    LONDON, Nov 21 (Reuters) - Oil prices were hit by an abrupt reversal of sentiment last week, with investors selling at the...

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  • Make the most of relationships on multi-generational farms

    Nov 21/22, Category health & wellness

    Having three to four generations on one farm is becoming more common. Each person brings unique values, behaviour and mental...

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  • The Hunter Brothers’ keys to building resiliency

    Nov 18/22, Category health & wellness

    Gathering to talk about farming’s ups and downs with a cup of coffee in hand is a long-standing tradition in Canadian...

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  • FuelPositive Announces New Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Advisor and On-Farm Nitrate Emissions Mitigation Research Project

    Nov 18/22, Category technology crops/grain

    Dr. Mario Tenuta of University of Manitoba teams up with the Company’s first demonstration pilot project partners TORONTO,...

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  • Don’t miss Ritchie Bros.’ Western Canada Real Estate Event on Dec 13

    Nov 18/22, Category featured articles real estate

    Don’t miss Ritchie Bros.’ Western Canada Real Estate Event on Dec 13 More and more real estate buyers and sellers are...

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  • When anxiety runs your business and your life

    Nov 17/22, Category health & wellness

    People with anxiety can spend a lot of energy worrying – energy that could be spent in more productive ways. Anxiety can...

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  • The importance of self-care

    Nov 17/22, Category general

    Bailey Kemery’s story When Bailey Kemery was four years old, a nearly fatal farm accident left her with lifelong physical...

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  • Opposition calls for investigation into grocery prices

    Nov 16/22, Category general

    Saskatchewan’s NDP opposition is calling for an investigation into grocery prices. On Tuesday, it proposed that food...

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  • Food inflation and higher input costs for farms and food processors: Is there a link?

    Nov 16/22, Category general

    This is the first of two posts looking at agri-food price transmission, or the effect of farmers’ input prices on the prices...

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  • Asset values: When and how to review for better farm management

    Nov 15/22, Category finance

    From transition planning to day-to-day bill payments, knowing the dollar value of your assets is a critical part of managing...

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