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  • Q1 2023 Macroeconomic snapshot: BoC pauses policy rate hikes

    Mar 10/23, Category finance

    Outlook The Bank of Canada (BoC) elected not to increase its policy rate in March amid declining inflation; however,...

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  • Strengthen your Seeding Strategy

    Mar 10/23, Category technology

    On-farm weather stations and soil moisture probes take the guesswork out of seeding plans and execution As the 2023 seeding...

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  • Creating connection with your team – where to start

    Mar 09/23, Category business management farm business

    Want to better connect with your team? Dale Curd, Counsellor and Executive Coach, shares why the best place to start is by...

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  • How to benefit from connected devices on your farm

    Mar 09/23, Category technology

    A growing number of farmers are using the internet of things (IoT) to save time, increase production and reduce costs. So,...

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  • The Casual Cattle Conversations Podcast: What You Need to Know Before You Fix Fence

    Mar 09/23, Category podcast corner

    What You Need to Know Before You Fix Fence March 6  |  Written By Shaye Koester Fixing fences in the spring can be quite a...

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  • IF 183: "Combyne Ag" w/Alain Goubau

    Mar 08/23, Category impact farming

    STREAM PODCAST LIVE All our episodes are available on the following popular audio and video destinations: Podcast: iTunes...

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  • Save the Date for AgEx 2023!

    Mar 08/23, Category events

    This year’s Conference theme, Embrace the Opportunity, is a chance for producers to discuss the social, economic, and...

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  • Building a farm team that connects

    Mar 08/23, Category farm business

    Struggling to connect with your farm team? Dale Curd, Counsellor and Executive Coach, shares common communication barriers...

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  • Swinging for the fences: Selling to chain restaurants

    Mar 08/23, Category general

    Chain restaurants buy $16.2 billion worth of goods annually, approximately half of Canada’s entire food service industry...

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  • Leverage diversity: Selling your product to independent restaurants

    Mar 06/23, Category general

    Canadian independent restaurants purchase $8.4 billion in goods annually, approximately a quarter of total food service...

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