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  • 'A needle in a haystack': Alberta woman searching for life-saving kidney donor

    Jul 21/21, Category general

    EDMONTON -- An Alberta woman battling with a kidney disease that worsens with age is in need of a donor.Kelly Konieczny...

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  • (Show Trailers) IF 139: Farm HR Essentials w/Dick Wittman

    Jul 20/21, Category impact farming

      Video: YouTube Episode 139: Farm HR Essentials w/Dick WittmanIn this week’s episode, Tracy speaks with Dick Wittman...

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  • Want to boost profits? Build sustainability into your business

    Jul 20/21, Category general

    Inefficiencies and food waste can seem like an inevitable cost of doing business – but they don’t have to be.Even low-tech,...

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  • Sask. producers attempt to save pastures and crop amid drought

    Jul 20/21, Category general livestock

    REGINA -- Weeks of hot and dry weather in Saskatchewan have caused the worst drought in decades, and as a result, producers...

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  • 'It'll wreak havoc for wildlife': An invasive plant is threatening Canada's northern wetlands

    Jul 20/21, Category wildlife

    TORONTO -- Recognized as Canada's worst invasive plant over a decade ago, the Nature Conservancy of Canada is warning that...

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  • Delisle, Sask., home to a new grain-cleaning terminal

    Jul 19/21, Category general

    SASKATOON -- The Town of Delisle is home to a new grain-cleaning terminal after a $65 million investment from AGT Foods and...

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  • Young horses train outside North Bay to assist in search and rescue operations

    Jul 19/21, Category general livestock

    NORTH BAY -- Four young horses of the Ontario Mounted Special Services Unit were put to work at a farm in Trout Creek...

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  • Sask farmers, Indigenous land users launch land sharing network

    Jul 19/21, Category general

    REGINA -- Saskatchewan Indigenous land users have formed the Treaty Land Sharing Network (TLSN) together with an alliance of...

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  • Network of Sask. farmers, ranchers open land to Indigenous people to practise treaty rights

    Jul 16/21, Category general

    Farmers, ranchers and Indigenous people circled around Mary Smillie and her husband, Ian McCreary, as the two farmers...

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  • Canadian ranchers keeping close watch as U.S. launches meat labelling review

    Jul 16/21, Category livestock

    Canada's cattle industry is closely monitoring a new review of meat labelling practices in the United States, wary of...

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