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  • News release: Prospect of Unprecedented Railway Strike Threatens Farmers

    Jul 18/24, Category crops/grain

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 15, 2024 (Regina, SK) — As the 2024 harvest season approaches, optimism is overshadowed by the...

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  • Global shipping bottlenecks and Canadian agriculture

    Jul 18/24, Category farm business

    Nobody likes to take a major detour on their summer road trip or hail a taxi during rush hour. For most Canadians it’s not a...

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  • AgSmart 2024: Revolutionizing Farming Through Technology & Data

    Jul 17/24, Category press release events

    For Immediate Release July 16, 2024, Olds, AB - AgSmart 2024 is designed with the modern farmer in mind, aiming to provide...

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  • John Deere Launches Gator™ XUV 845 and Gator XUV 875 Utility Vehicles

    Jul 17/24, Category machinery

    Integrated precision ag technology and new cargo box help farmers improve productivityOLATHE, Kansas (July 2, 2024) — John...

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  • 4 key skills for effective supervision in your farm business

    Jul 17/24, Category farm business business management

    This text has been adapted with permission from an article written by AGRIcarrières [French only], Quebec's agricultural...

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  • In this week’s episode, Tracy speaks to Venessa Joy about “Ag Women Connect: Empowering Women In Agriculture.”

    Jul 17/24, Category impact farming

    STREAM PODCAST LIVE All our episodes are available on the following popular audio and video destinations: Podcast: iTunes...

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  • The Casual Cattle Conversations Podcast: Global Insights: Exploring Cattle Practices Around the World

    Jul 16/24, Category podcast corner

    Global Insights: Exploring Cattle Practices Around the World July 15, 2024 |  Written By Shaye Koester “Fill your life...

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  • Impact of Efficient Fuel Management on Farm Productivity

    Jul 15/24, Category technology general

    Introduction to Fuel ManagementFuel is a critical component in farm operations, essential for powering the vast array of...

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  • The benefits of digital bin management systems with TELUS Farm Bin Management

    Jul 15/24, Category general technology

    The evolution of bin management systems has been marked by continuous innovation aimed at improving the efficiency,...

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  • Decisive Farming by TELUS Agriculture announces connection between Farm At Hand and ChrysaLabs for real-time soil insights

    Jul 12/24, Category crops/grain technology

    Decisive Farming by TELUS Agriculture is excited to unveil a powerful new connection between ChrysaLabs’ innovative soil...

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