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  • 5 tips for managing logistics

    Apr 17/24, Category general

    Moving your food or beverage product from Point A to Point B has its hurdles. Even in today’s super-connected world, there...

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  • The Dirt PodKast: Season 3 - Episode 7: How Your Water Source Impacts Your Pesticides

    Apr 17/24, Category podcast corner

    The Dirt an eKonomics PodKastSeason 3 - Episode 7: How Your Water Source Impacts Your Pesticides Host Mike Howell and...

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  • Episode 224: “Innovating Women’s Farm & Ranch Wear” with Michelle Durnin

    Apr 17/24, Category impact farming

    STREAM PODCAST LIVE All our episodes are available on the following popular audio and video destinations: Podcast: iTunes...

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  • A Message from Our Executive Director: Spring 2024

    Apr 16/24, Category crops/grain

    Throughout the winter, we took the opportunity to engage with many growers at various meetings and events around the...

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  • Farmers Edge and Gevo Enter Collaboration on Climate-Smart Farm-to-Flight Project

    Apr 16/24, Category technology environment

    The companies will work with growers spanning three states to track and quantify the carbon intensity impact of...

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  • Case Study: Maximizing Yield and Soil Health with Decisive Farming – The Story of Brad McDougald’s Farm

    Apr 16/24, Category crops/grain

    Brad McDougald’s 2,500-acre farm in Drumheller, Alta., experienced a challenging season with a dry spell leading to reduced...

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  • Case Study: Enhancing farm operations with on-demand fuel management

    Apr 15/24, Category general

    In the competitive arena of agriculture, efficiency in managing farm operations is crucial. Curtis Kornelson, a progressive...

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  • Dealing with the labour shortage – you can do it!

    Apr 15/24, Category business management farm business

    This article was adapted from a January 25, 2024, conference hosted by FCC and moderated by Pierre-Olivier Zappa, Parlons de...

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  • Case Study: Advancing Soil Health and Sustainability at Kunz Farm with Decisive Farming

    Apr 15/24, Category crops/grain

    Kunz Farm in Beiseker, Alta., is a multifaceted operation focused on a sustainable future. With Pat Kunz at the helm,...

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  • How peer groups are propelling businesses forward

    Apr 12/24, Category farm business business management

    When Fumi Tsukamoto was looking for information and advice on scaling-up her food processing business, she joined an FCC...

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