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  • How can generations bridge the gap to prepare for transition?

    Dec 01/23, Category farm transition

    Silence can put a family farm in jeopardy.It must be disconcerting to be in your seventies or eighties and not have a farm...

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  • How generative AI can play a role in your farm

    Dec 01/23, Category technology

    Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that creates text, images and other types of media in response to...

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  • Manitoba Grower Invests in Future with ESN

    Dec 01/23, Category featured articles

    Manitoba growers are very familiar with the challenges and opportunities of farming in the region. Steve Ganczar’s farm,...

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  • Farm Family Podcast: Episode 12 - Finances and Farm Transition with Terry Betker President and Founder of Backswath Management

    Nov 30/23, Category podcast corner

    Episode 12: Finances and Farm Transition with Terry Betker President and Founder of Backswath Management by Elaine Froese |...

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  • The Casual Cattle Conversations Podcast: Straighten Out Your Herd Records

    Nov 30/23, Category podcast corner

    Straighten Out Your Herd Records November 27 |  Written By Shaye Koester Ray Williams with Gallagher North America shares...

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  • Episode 207: Agriculture Policy: ESGs, Land & Water Rights, Attack on Animal Agriculture & Fertilizer Reduction Requirements

    Nov 29/23, Category impact farming

    STREAM PODCAST LIVE All our episodes are available on the following popular audio and video destinations: Podcast: iTunes...

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  • Enhancing mental health supports for farmers and ranchers

    Nov 29/23, Category health & wellness

    Farm life can be extremely demanding, with unpredictable challenges that affect the mental health and well-being of everyone...

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    Nov 29/23, Category dairy

    NEWS RELEASE     |     NOVEMBER 28, 2023     |     OTTAWA Today, “Net Zero by 2050 – We’re In” won Gold in the Best...

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  • Sharing a love of Canadian agriculture worldwide

    Nov 28/23, Category general

    After leaving her corporate agriculture career to raise her children and be more active on the family’s ever-growing ranch...

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  • Meet the 32 Innovation Showcase Contenders

    Nov 28/23, Category events

    PRESS RELEASE - For Immediate Release Brandon, MB Monday, November 27, 2023 “The Innovation Showcase is back for its...

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