Episode 230: Conflict Landmines During Busy Farm Seasons with Patti Durand



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Episode 230: Conflict Landmines During Busy Farm Seasons with Patti Durand


In this week’s episode, Tracy speaks to Patti Durand about “Conflict Landmines During Busy Farm Seasons.”

The vast majority of farms are multigenerational. While this is a beautiful thing, it can also present some additional challenges regarding the working atmosphere during hectic seasons.

Stress. Blow-ups. Arguments and more.

In this episode, Tracy and Patti speak about:
  • The way we speak to our farming family, especially during high-stress moments.
  • Button pushing. Our family created our buttons, and they know how to push them.
  • We are showing up tired and stressed and need to clearly communicate this to family members so they know where we are at and how they can help.
  • Patti also dives into; assuming bad intentions, using hurtful words, blows and tempers and much more.
  • To wrap the episode up, Patti leaves our audience with some practical and effective reminders and tips that will help preserve farm family relationships, empowering you to navigate conflicts with confidence.

You will want to catch this episode if you work with family on your farm.


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Show Guest

Patti Durand
Strategic Action Planner & Speaker - Brightrack Consulting


Patti’s career has been focused on working with farm businesses both as an entrepreneur and a lending advisor, providing tools and resources that open new paths to success. As an experienced farm transition facilitator, she can initiate and lead the conversation and help producers make the best strategic decisions for their operations.

Patti has an agriculture degree from the University of Manitoba and has worked in the Saskatchewan ag industry for more than 20 years. 

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