Episode 226: AG Direct Hail - A BIG Break for Canadian Farmers



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Episode 226: AG Direct Hail - A BIG Break for Canadian Farmers


In this week’s episode, Tracy speaks to Bruce Lowe and Baillie Shewkenek, from AG Direct Hail.

Are you in the market for hail insurance?

If so, you will not want to miss this episode, in which Tracy, Bruce, and Baillie discuss the AG Direct Hail difference and an exciting announcement for prairie farmers in 2024.

They discuss:

  • How is AG Direct Hail Insurance different from the competition? Hint: They are exclusively online and direct and have cut the middleman out of the premiums farmers pay. They also pride themselves on their service.
  • Bruce explains that AG Direct Hail Insurance Ltd. does not use brokers or agents. Instead, everything is done online. You can register, check their rates, obtain a non-obligation quote, and apply for coverage all online at your convenience.
  • Bruce opens the episode by sharing their great news for prairie farmers in 2024. You won’t want to miss this. This is a welcomed announcement for prairie farmers during a time of constant rate hikes.
  • But it’s not all about price. Settling claims and the adjustment process are important to farmers and the team at AG Direct Hail.
  • So, what happens when a producer realizes there is hail damage? Baillie walks us through the process, from creating a claim to the adjustment process and claim payout.
  • They share more about their adjusters and their vast experience.
  • Bruce shares how their seasoned adjusters are passionate about loss adjusting and are singularly focused on calculating a loss award that accurately reflects a farmer’s loss.

If you are in the market for hail insurance this year, I highly recommend you tune into today’s episode.

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Show Resources

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Show Guests

Bruce Lowe
Executive Vice President | AG Direct Hail Insurance Ltd.

AG Direct Hail is a direct, online hail insurance model for hard-working Prairie farmers. With the total crop hail insurance market approaching a half a billion dollars, AG Direct Hail focuses on exceptional rates, superior customer service and professional claims handling. We are proud to have built AG Direct Hail into the fastest growing hail insurance provider in the Prairies over the last four years.

Connect with Bruce Lowe - LinkedIn / Website


Baillie Shewkenek
Claims Manager | AG Direct Hail Insurance Ltd.


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