Episode 223: Harvest Optimization Tools with Marcel Kringe Founder & CEO of Bushel Plus



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Episode 223: Harvest Optimization Tools with Marcel Kringe Founder & CEO of Bushel Plus


In this week’s episode, Tracy speaks to Marcel Kringe about “Harvest Optimization” and how the Bushel Plus products are adding more value and profit to each harvest.

Are you looking to reduce harvest wastage, increase yield in the bins and generate more profit at the end of each season?

If so, that is precisely what Tracy and Marcel are speaking about in today’s episode:

  • Marcel shares more about their Smart DropPan System™, MAD Concaves™, and the MiniCombine™
  • Before chatting about the Bushel Plus products, Tracy asks Marcel to share more about growing up on a multigenerational family farm in Germany, his family’s background, and how he ended up in Canada as a summer student.
  • Marcel also shares his fascinating farming-related travels to Russia, Brazil, and Australia and how he once again found himself back in Canada.
  • Throughout his travels and experience farming around the World, Marcel noticed one common denominator when checking for combine wastage: it was time-consuming and incredibly dangerous.
  • Relying on his handy nature and generations of handymanship, Marcel started innovating to create a drop pan system that would not require farmers and farm hands to risk their lives to get a sample.
  • He shares how demand steadily grew, and he knew he was onto something. He shares more about the support he received from farmers and the early days of starting to mass-manufacture the drop pan system.
  • Marcel walks Tracy and our audience through the smart pan system, MAD concaves, and mini combine systems. How do they work, and how do they add value to a farmer’s operation and harvest efficiency?
  • Marcel has been heard to use the term “precision harvest.” Tracy asks him to explain the terminology and share more about harvest optimization and how their products are helping farmers reduce operational costs over time and maximize their profit potential during harvest.
  • Tracy asks Marcel to discuss return on investment as each purchase needs to make financial sense for farmers to purchase it.
  • Last but not least, Marcel shares the exciting news about a new service, Harvest Academy, which will launch at the beginning of April.

Are you excited to learn how you can put more yield in the bin with the Bushel Plus harvest optimization products? If so, check out their website in the resource links below.



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Show Guest

Marcel Kringe 
Bushel Plus Ltd.


Born to Farm Kringe, Marcel grew up on a family farm in the mountains of Germany. He describes the enterprise as “10 acres, five cows, 10 chickens and a goat.” Four generations lived together and worked the farm, which provided supplemental income, food, and an education. “I stood beside my great-grandfather, grandfather, and father and learned a lot,” Kringe said. “They could fix anything, and they worked hard. Growing up like that, you gain a different perspective on life.” Kringe knew from childhood he wanted to own or work on a farm, and he knew the family operation could never generate enough income to be his life’s work. He pursued an education in agriculture engineering and agronomy in a program that combined classroom theory with the American equivalent of a series of internships. Pursuing his dream, Kringe found a way to satisfy both his love for farming and his interest in seeing the world. His first internship in 2009 took him to Canada for harvest. “That was a 3,000-acre farm, and I thought, ‘This is it; I’ve seen it all,’” he said. “It was what I had dreamed of.” Until … “I went back to university and saw a job posting for a farm in Russia,” he said. “They were trying to build an 80,000- acre farm in three years. They were looking for combine drivers and supervisors for harvest and seeding. I thought, ‘Right on, this is right up my alley.’ Adventure. A different language. It was awesome.” Kringe spent two summers in Russia, another fall in Canada, and three weeks in Brazil working on farms while also completing his university work.

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