Episode 212: Threats to Agriculture: Climate Activism, Ag Policy, Power Grabs, Advocating and More w/Damian Mason



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Episode 212: Threats to Agriculture: Climate Activism, Ag Policy, Power Grabs, Advocating and More w/Damian Mason

In this week’s episode, Tracy speaks to Damian Mason about “Threats to Agriculture: Climate Activism, Ag Policy, Power Grabs, Advocating and More.”

Is environmentalism and climate activism the new religion?

Today’s guest, Damian Mason, thinks so.

In this episode, Tracy and Damian speak about:

  • What are the biggest threats to agriculture? When Tracy asks which one will have the most impact on our industry, Damian responds with a confident “agriculture policy” as the biggest threat to agriculture in the future.
  • Are environmentalism and climate activism the new religion? Damian shares that the most pronounced threat to North American agriculture is the regulatory environment, and the pressure comes mainly from environmentalism. The Climate crusade/alarmism/catastrophe movement has wheels, and it's getting traction.
  • He speaks about how the "end of the World" due to climate change has been fear-mongered for decades, and they keep moving the doomsday deadline.
  • Damian speaks about how the media and government are using the climate crusaders to push the movement further to justify creating additional legislation within and outside the agriculture industry.
  • Damian speaks about California and the Netherlands as prime examples of the green movement legislating farmers out of business.
  • Does the government want to control the food? Why are they trying to remove agriculture from California, the Netherlands, and locations around the World? He shares his thoughts.
  • Is it the consumer that wants more legislation? Damian says no, but it’s pretty clear the government does.
  • Are we feeding a growing population, or is the population in decline? The answer may surprise you.
  • So, how can agriculture better share our story to counter these environmental movements? The NRA (National Rifle Association) has only a few million members, comparable to agriculture, but Damian says they are fantastic at advocating. Why? They stay on message, and they know how to fight. It needs to be personal and emotional.
  • He ends with a few positive thoughts to encourage farmers. As always, every movement/trend is on a pendulum, and the environmental movement will return to normal once food availability, affordability, and freedom of choice impact the consumer. Then, the consumer will wake up and start to push back.

If you want an episode that challenges the status quo, buckle up and tune into this entertaining and informative episode.

Thanks for tuning in friends. It means the World to me.



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Damian Mason
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Damian Mason has an exceptional understanding of the Agriculture industry, he’s been involved in it his entire life. That, combined with his passion to stay one step ahead of what’s looming for the industry, he works tirelessly to stay up to date with current trends, research current events and news, and connect with industry leaders. He provides immediate take-aways, future outlooks, and insights, to his audiences, but most importantly, Damian has an uncanny ability to stir up feelings of dignity and pride for people working in the most important industry in the world.

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