Episode 211: The 30x30 Land Grab & Property Rights



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Episode 211: The 30x30 Land Grab & Property Rights with Margaret Byfield

In this week’s episode, Tracy speaks to Margaret Byfield from the American Stewards of Liberty about “The 30x30 Land Grab & Property Rights.”

Have you heard about The 30x30 Land Grab?

If you are a farmer who rents or owns land in the United States, Canada, or anywhere around the World, please do not skip this episode.

In this episode, Tracy and Margaret speak about:

  • How her family’s decades-long battle with the government over land and water rights started her on this journey of protecting farmers and their property rights.
  • What is the 30x30 agenda? Margaret explains that the 30 x 30 program is a plan advanced by radical environmental activists to permanently protect 30% of America’s land and oceans by 2030. The program is being advanced by the Biden Administration through Executive Order 14008, “Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad” (86 Fed. Reg. 7,619), signed January 27, 2021.
  • Margaret explains that this is happening worldwide. She mentions Canada’s land grab goals and refers to what is happening in the Netherlands, with governments forcefully buying out Dutch farmers in the name of the environment.
  • She explains that while their goal is 30% by 2030, their ultimate goal is to eventually “protect” 50% of land and oceans.
  • She shares how they plan to achieve this and where they are on their mission towards 30%.
  • Tracy asks Margaret to get 101 and explain what conservation easements are. What is the typical length of conservation program commitments? What is the government doing with monuments?
  • Most importantly, Tracy asks Margaret to connect the dots on the dangers of farmers signing their land to conservation organizations.
  • She shares eye-opening information about the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). Did you know that the government has kept the program under the same name all this time but has been quietly changing the name and the program's purpose behind the scenes? This point is very important.
  • Even more critical is the small print. Did you know that if your land is part of the CRP program, it enables a federal nexus to be applied to your land? Why is this important? Private property is safe from the Endangered Species Act, BUT as soon as your land is part of these programs and government dollars are received on your land…this creates the nexus and means that your land now falls under the Endangered Species Act. Why is this important? This puts your property rights and land usage at risk if the government deems your land inhabited by an endangered species.
  • Do you think it is impossible to have your land declared unusable due to endangered species? Tracy gives a horrifying example of this happening within her area when a protected species of orchids was found in Southeast Manitoba. The farmers were threatened with a $50,000 fine and ultimately prevented from ever using their land again.
  • Tracy asks Margaret about the ultimate dangers behind this 30x30 land grab. Margaret answers with a sobering wake-up call and call to action on property rights, freedoms, and liberty.
If you are a farmer renting or owning land in the United States, Canada, or anywhere around the World, do yourself and your property rights a favour and watch this episode.

I really hope you find this information and episode as eye opening as I did. Drop a note in the comments. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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American Stewards of Liberty - https://stop30x30.americanstewards.us 


Show Guest

Margaret Byfield
American Stewards of Liberty

Margaret was raised on a large cow calf operation in central Nevada purchased by her parents, Wayne and Jean Hage in 1978. Her family experienced unprecedented regulatory pressures that eventually led to Hage v. United States, the first federal lands grazing case filed in the United States Court of Federal Claims. The case was in litigation for 27 years, during which time Margaret launched the property rights organization Stewards of the Range. Stewards merged with the American Land Foundation in 2009 forming American Stewards of Liberty (ASL).

Margaret works directly with policy leaders at the local, State and Federal level helping to advance strategies that protect the production of America’s food, fiber, minerals and energy. She runs the national “Property Rights Task Force” and “Multiple-Use Alliance” that confront the agendas eroding property rights in America. She is a national speaker, writer and commentator on natural resource issues.

Margaret has helped train, guide and advise elected leaders for the purpose of coordinating land use planning and management activities with federal and state agencies. She has guided and participated in numerous government-to-government coordination meetings dealing with a variety of issues including federal resource management plans, endangered species, transportation corridors, power lines, high speed rail and many other concerns. Additionally, she has helped local governments develop natural resource plans and specific policies for the purpose of conveying to federal and state agencies the local needs and priorities to be coordinated.

Margaret holds a Bachelors degree in English and Music received from the College of Idaho. She is married to Dan Byfield, CEO of ASL, and has one daughter and three step children.

Connect with Margaret: LinkedIn / X / Instagram / Website


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