Best of CAMA 2020 Results Are In - We Are a Finalist!!!!

The Best of CAMA Awards Finalists have been announced!!!

With that, we are extremely excited to share that "The Impact Farming Show" has been announced as a finalist for category 31 Specialty: Event, corporate, webinars, podcasts or recorded program with Episode 77: "Telling Your Farm's Story" with Zach Johnson: The MN Millennial Farmer.

Here is an excerpt from the awards application...


The Impact Farming Show interviews each guest in-person to create a professionally produced video and podcast interview. Rather than fancy editing and interviews filled with highlight reels, we aim to create un-edited and real conversations between our host and guest. Honest conversations that farmers relate to. Conversations that connect and IMPACT our audience of Canadian farmers.

One of our favorite videos is with Zach Johnson's Episode 77 titled "Telling Your Farm's Story."

Zach Johnson, Known to his 300,000+ followers on YouTube as the “Millennial Farmer,” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences on the family farm. His vision is to build a connection between farmers and consumers.

Tracy was thrilled to interview Zach Johnson and bring his powerful message to our audience. Now more than ever, it feels like agriculture is under the public's microscope. Between the daily stresses of farming, weather, market conditions, and political instability…the added scrutiny that farmers have been receiving has been adding a tremendous burden of stress to their already heavily weighted shoulders.

It was great to hear Zach say that YES consumers do trust farmers, and he shared some actionable tips with our audience on what consumers really want to know and how we can better communicate with them.

At the end of the episode, farmers could breathe a sigh of relief and walk away, knowing their work is valued, and they are trusted. That is game-changing.

We are incredibly pleased with the results of this episode.

Shortly after airing the episode, it quickly skyrocketed to over 23,000 views and earned Zach 1st place in our Season 2 episode countdown that just wrapped up in August.

After each episode, our team evaluates whether each episode accomplished our show goals. With each episode, we aim to connect with the audience, provide new knowledge, and deliver game-changing ideas to help farmers grow personally and professionally. Zach's episode was a hands down YES to all three. Agvocating is on the hearts and minds of farmers from around the World.


We are thrilled to be a finalist among this elite group of communicators and marketers.

Cross your fingers and stay tuned everyone!!!

Tracy Brunet