Transitions, Fall Hustle & First Episode of Season 3 Recorded

Well Hello There,

I cannot believe that we are less than a week away from September. Honestly, where does the time go? When COVID hit, time slowed down to an average speed for the first time in a decade. Once June hit, though, it was back to full speed ahead, and here we are August 26th. How about you? Is time just flying bye for you?

September is such a busy time for everyone as it marks the end of summer mode, the beginning of harvest, weaning cattle, back to school, and launching a new season here on The Impact Farming Show.

We just announced the winner of our Season 2 Highest Rated Episode countdown. Did you catch that announcement? If not, you can find it <here>. Spoiler alert...he's a Millennial, loves farming, and has built a massive YouTube channel. Have you guessed?

Since starting the show two years ago, I have used August as a time to celebrate our TOP FOUR highest-rated episodes. This also gives me a month to move out of recording mode and into creation mode to decide the show topics for fall and winter programming. Sometimes depending on how haymaking is going, we even get holidays in August. Not this year. Between COVID, busy advertising season, and the farm hustle and bustle...I was ok with that. I digress, though.

The topics are all now planned out until the end of 2020, and Season 3 recording started yesterday. I interviewed Jolene Brown, and she will be starting our season off. The neat thing is that Jolene was my very first interview when I started the show, and she is now returning for the start of Season 3.

I treasured my time spent recording the episode with her. Jolene Brown is a force. Personally and professionally, she is so committed to helping agriculture and those around her succeed. One of the topics that she is passionate about is celebrating women in agriculture. She even wrote a book to celebrate and uplift the women in ag, and it's title "Holy Crap I Married a Farmer."

I had a blast recording with Jolene yesterday and look forward to bringing you this episode on Wednesday, September 2nd. Stay tuned...

You will not want to miss this one!

I am off to prepare my materials to moderate a panel tomorrow for the North American Ag Roundtable and then transition into another show recording tomorrow afternoon. I will follow that up with one on Friday. Yes, it's September!!!

p.s. Spoiler alert...this post has clues on our show topic theme for fall. Any guesses?

Thanks for tuning in,
Tracy Brunet