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4th Place Episode is "Grain Marketing in Uncertain Times," w/Dave Reimann

In celebration of The Impact Farming Show's 2nd Anniversary, we are counting down and rebroadcasting the TOP 4 episodes from season two. This week we are excited to bring you the 4th highest listened to and watched episode, which was "Grain Marketing in Uncertain Times" w/Dave Reimann.

The Guest....Congrats to Dave Reimann, Cargill MarketSense Market Analyst, who was our guest for this episode. What I loved most about recording this episode, aside from Dave’s obvious passion for the program, was how quickly we got to the root of the subject...Why don’t farmer’s proactively market their grain? It is upfront costs? 🤔 Maybe a small part, however, lack of awareness on tools, overwhelm, old patterns, and fear. Yes, FEAR!!!

In this episode on grain marketing, Dave and I spent a good chunk of time speaking about farmer psychology 🧠 and our internal barriers that get in our way. To me, this is where the gold is.

You can catch this episode <here>

Thanks again to Dave Reimann, Kelly Funke and the team at Cargill for trusting me to help deliver their message. I had a blast working with you guys.

Thanks for tuning in,
Tracy Brunet