Part #3 - IF 83: Cash Flow Secrets w/Stephanie Holmes-Winton



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Episode 83: Cash Flow Really Is King

In this segment, we focus on “Cash Flow Secrets," as part three of our three-part interview titled "Cash Flow Really Is King"

Tracy caught up with Stephanie at the FCC Young Farmer Summit in Winnipeg after her presentation to a room full of eager young farmers about managing cash flow on their farm. This event was one of the many stops on their cross Canada tour, and Tracy was more than excited to interview Stephanie on her expertise…money and cash flow management.

➡️ Part #3 – Cash Flow Secrets - Three powerful strategies to help you strengthen your farm cash flow.

When the economy gets tough, unfortunately, so does farm cash flow as well. Because farming is equal parts business and production. The stronger we are at both, the better the farm does.

Do yourself and your farm a favor and catch this week’s episode.

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Show Guest

Stephanie Holmes-Winton
CEO and founder of CacheFlo Inc.


Stephanie Holmes-Winton is the CEO and founder of CacheFlo Inc., a software company that builds behaviourbased spending management applications for financial professionals & institutions to use with their clients. She
spent a decade as a financial advisor helping clients get more life from their money, and first went on to launch
training programs so other professionals could do the same before launching a software company.

Stephanie has written 2 books on spending and debt, Defusing The Debt Bomb, and $pent. Her advice on personal
finance has been featured by the Globe & Mail, CBC Radio, CTV and many more. Thousands of financial
professionals have enhanced their impact on their members, customers and clients using CacheFlo’s training and

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