FCC Young Farmer Summit ~ Winnipeg, March 2020


🎥 Show Recording In Progress 🎥

I have been hearing amazing things about FCC’s Young Farmer Summits being held across Canada. I finally get the chance to attend Winnipeg’s event tomorrow and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be interviewing their great line up of speakers.

It’s been a busy day already, as I am in Winnipeg a day early getting a head start on interviews. I just finished a great recording with Stephanie Holmes-Winton on 💸Farm Cash Flow 💸
First episode done ✅

What did we chat about? 💵💵💵 When you run a business, cash flow is King as they say. Stay tuned for this upcoming episode where Stephanie and I chat about:

➡️ What is cash flow and why it’s important?
➡️ The most common cash flow mistakes that farmers make.
➡️ Three really strong strategies to help you strenghten your farm cash flow.

Call me geeky 🤓, however, I really love these financial episodes. Why? Because farming is equal parts business and production. The stronger we are at both, the better the farm does.💰💰💰

👀 Keep on the lookout for this and the other great episodes being recorded live on location.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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