The Impact Farming Show Wins Best of CAMA Award


Farm Marketer is pleased to announce that The Impact Farming Show won a BEST OF CAMA 2019 Award at the awards gala held last Thursday, November 14th, 2019, in London, Ontario.

The Best of CAMA is our industry’s annual showcase of creativity, marketing, and communications expertise. It is our industry’s “Academy Awards” where peers award peers for their effort and ability. There are over 50 categories in the competition – radio, television, PR, total campaigns, crisis management, etc.

The Impact Farming Show was honored to be selected by its peers, for the second year in a row, as the winner of the Best of CAMA Podcast category winner.

Category: Audio/Video: Broadcast News, Webinars, Podcasts or Taped Program
Winning Episode: “A Farmer’s Journey Through Stress, Depression & Anxiety.”
Show Guest: Gerry Friesen, Stress & Conflict Management Specialist

To make this award extra special, we are so happy to have won this award with an episode that has deeply IMPACTED many show audience members. One of the most crucial and challenging subjects in the agriculture industry right now is mental health. More than any other profession, farming has the highest suicide rate of all. Even more unbelievable than that is the fact that farmer suicide rate is double that of suicides among veterans.

In February 2019, after his heart-wrenching presentation at The Agricultural Excellence Conference (AgEx) in Winnipeg, Tracy Brunet sat down with Gerry Friesen, and he shared his story in a one-hour interview. Their interview, Episode 23, aired on January 9th, 2019, and the response was immediate. Gerry's episode was one of the fastest and highest downloaded episodes of all time. As soon as this episode aired, we watched the downloads skyrocket in real-time. In addition, both Tracy and Gerry received numerous emotional messages from our show audience thanking them for this episode. This episode hit home with one to many farm families.

“Sharing was not easy for Gerry, but we are so glad that he did.” said show host Tracy Brunet. “His courage to share his story on The Impact Farming Show has impacted more people than we will ever know, and, to win a Best of CAMA Podcast Award for this episode makes it even more special.”

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