IF 52: The Story of Black Fox Farm & Distillery


Black Fox Farms & Distillery

In this episode, Tracy visits Black Fox Farms & Distillery outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Barb and her husband John are grain farmers from Saskatchewan that reached a cross roads in their farming career. It was either expand or do something different. In the end, they wanted to be more connected to the consumer and do something different, so they created Black Fox Farms & Distillery which is a cut flower farm and distillery that produces award winning gin. The neat thing, they still farm, and their farm actually provides over 90% of the ingredients that go into their beverages.

You absolutely do not want to miss this innovating farmer episode that follows their exciting nontraditional farming journey.

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Black Fox Farm & Distillery

Created By Nature - Transformed By BlackFox


Black Fox is about taking our passion for agriculture and sharing it with you. We are third generation farmers that have farmed, studied, consulted and participated in agriculture on five different continents. On our ag journey, we have been recognized as Saskatchewan and Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers, by the national and provincial Institutes of Agrology and the Saskatchewan Ag Grads Association. We are alumni of the Canadian Agricultural Lifetime Leadership program and Nuffield Canada. In 2018, we were awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Saskatoon Achievement in Business Excellence.

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