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About Me

The Early Years:

My working career began early in life on a family grain farm near Nut Mountain, SK. I quickly learned the value of hard work, determination, and resilience. This is a trait all producers seem to require to work in this industry. At the age of 23, I started my own grain farming operation. I needed to add cash flow to my farm and help build my equipment base. In order to do so, I also simultaneously, ran a custom application business. I held many positions on boards and organizations and worked diligently. Networking, growing my knowledge and helping to make positive changes for the Western Canadian farmer.


Award Winning Businesses:

In the year 2000, my passion for this province and the outdoors inspired me to add a tourism-based business to my quickly expanding agriculture operations. I developed, owned and operated several award-winning tourism businesses. Over the next few years, this ultimately led me to sell my grain farm. In 2004 I pursued a new dream of building one of the world’s most remote and luxurious fly-in fishing resorts. This was built in northern Saskatchewan. I continued to work on the family farm and stay in touch with the agriculture sector during this period. In 2008 I took advantage of an unexpected opportunity to sell the fishing resorts. My resort sales were extremely high! My reputation was well known throughout North America although the world economic situation was starting to slow down. Understanding the value of timing and knowing when to buy and when to sell served me well in this transaction. Due to demand from business associates, I founded a consulting company. This was built to assist other businesses to achieve success in a multitude of areas. Some areas of focus included marketing, business planning, and recruitment. I also worked on strategic planning, product development, and succession planning.

Our Mission

Making The World A Better Place Through

Honesty, Integrity, Commitment, Innovation, Growth & Exemplary Customer Service In Real Estate

Being a long-time resident, and grain producer, in Saskatchewan I have cultivated many friendships, built a network of business contacts, and have acquired a tremendous amount of local knowledge. I promise to use this knowledge to serve your needs with professionalism, enthusiasm, and integrity. I look forward to speaking with you whether you are buying or selling farmland.

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