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Spring into Success: Efficient Seeding

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Spring into Success: Efficient Seeding

Time is money: a phrase that first appeared in 1748 and, 274 years later, still rings true in 2023. For Canadian growers who are often racing against the seasonal clock, especially during spring seeding, time continues to be one of the most valued yet limited resources. Your time is a precious asset that should be carefully invested, just like money. Well-managed time can be leveraged to maximize yields, increase productivity and ultimately create opportunity for future investment.

Prioritizing time management prompts us to consider how we can be more efficient in operations to increase success both agronomically and financially. What if it was as simple as fewer stops?

Taking efficiency by the wheel

In Formula One, pit stops are a crucial part of the race strategy and play a significant role in determining overall performance. The efficiency of pit stops is critical as any delay can cost the driver time and their position on the track.

When considering this process in the context of spring seeding, it brings to light how the number of acres a grower covers before making a “pit stop” to fill can correlate to operational potential. Produced with next-generation technology, Bio-Sul Premium Plus from GFL Ag enables producers to seed 20 per cent more acres per fill than traditional fertilizer, which tends to be a sulphur source that is bulky, low analysis and high salt index with limited placement next to seed. The capital investment in your seeder goes further by being able to instantaneously disperse a fertilizer with season-long nutrient bioavailability. Broadcasting can also deliver between 50 to 100 per cent more coverage of sulphur over a three-to-five-year period than you can safely get in the seed band. These tactics improve nitrogen use through balancing N:S ratios, building sulphur levels and giving plants ammunition for protein-building and disease-fighting characteristics. 

Seeding for tomorrow

The time spent seeding impacts not only the potential of the yield but also growers’ capacity for development. Efficient seeding practices make it possible for farmers to focus their time on more areas for future development. There is no better time to make an agronomic investment for this season and the seasons to come. Contact a GFL Ag representative to learn more about how Bio-Sul Premium Plus can benefit your operation.