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  • Fast and early scouting key to combat weeds

    Jun 07/18, Category crops/grain

    Field scouting and swift action are crucial for farmers to stay on top of problem weeds. “Nothing will ever replace good...

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  • Canadian flax values extend beyond market highs

    Jun 07/18, Category finance

     Canadian flaxseed cash bids trended modestly higher through the winter and into spring. And now, cash bids are fairly...

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  • Tackling common myths around food best-before dates

    Jun 06/18, Category general

     One of the items in your fridge carries a best-before date from two months ago. Another bears a date that just passed a few...

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  • NC lawmakers move to protect pork giant hit by big verdict

    Jun 06/18, Category livestock

    RALEIGH, N.C. - Legislators in the country's No. 2 hog-growing state on Tuesday stepped up efforts to shield industrial hog...

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  • The one statistic you need to know this crop year

    Jun 06/18, Category crops/grain

    Over the next three weeks, we’ll cover economic fundamentals that can help you make sense of what’s happening in the...

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  • Breakfast sandwich popularity fuelling increased demand for Manitoba eggs

    Jun 05/18, Category livestock

    Manitoba egg farmers are reaping the rewards from a menu option growing in popularity within the restaurant...

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  • 'It’s a very difficult time': Farmers concerned about impact of cold on crops

    Jun 05/18, Category crops/grain

    If the first day of June felt like August, the last couple of days have felt more like March. Record-low temperatures...

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  • Trump, dairy farmers broaden attacks on Liberals as speedy metal tariffs urged

    Jun 05/18, Category finance

    OTTAWA -- The Canada-U.S. trade war bled into farm fields on Monday as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government faced dual...

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  • Need farming tools? Vancouver Island lending library aims to help local growers

    Jun 04/18, Category crops/grain

    A new lending library is coming to Vancouver Island but instead of offering books or other typical rental items, it'll be...

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  • China warns U.S. trade deals are off if tariffs go ahead

    Jun 04/18, Category finance

    BEIJING -- China said Sunday it wouldn't step up its purchases of American products if U.S. President Donald Trump goes...

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