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  • Improve soil to boost your crops and profits

    Mar 22/19, Category crops/grain

    With another growing year approaching, experts advise farmers know their soil to get the most out of their...

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  • Prepare to battle herbicide resistance

    Mar 22/19, Category crops/grain

    As spring approaches, the crop protection community is set to work with producers to help stem the tide of herbicide...

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  • This high-tech chicken farm even includes nail files CBC News

    Mar 21/19, Category livestock technology

    Say goodbye to the old battery cages with no room! This brand-new chicken barn can even cools off in the summer... Watch...

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  • B.C. approves first legal pot shop in Victoria

    Mar 21/19, Category general

    Recreational cannabis sales are one step closer to reaching Victoria’s storefronts as one prospective retailer says it has...

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  • Good and bad may come from African swine fever

    Mar 21/19, Category general livestock

    I must admit, being a grain guy, the global outbreak of African swine fever is something I have only paid passing attention...

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  • U.S. floodwaters threaten millions in crop and livestock losses

    Mar 20/19, Category crops/grain finance livestock

    DES MOINES, Iowa -- Farmer Jeff Jorgenson looks out over 750 acres of cropland submerged beneath the swollen Missouri River,...

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  • Liberals dust off Conservative playbook for a worried dairy sector

    Mar 20/19, Category livestock finance

    Faced with an anxious dairy industry poised to complicate the next federal election for the Liberals — particularly in rural...

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  • Impact Farming Show - Edith Frison - How the New TOSI Rules Could Affect Your Farming Operation

    Mar 20/19, Category impact farming

    This Episode is Sponsored by - Bayer CropScience National Fungicide On this episode of Impact Farming, we sit down...

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  • Flood threat rising in Manitoba's Red River Valley as spring melt looms

    Mar 19/19, Category general

    WINNIPEG -- Heavy snowfall in the United States has raised the threat of flooding in Manitoba's Red River Valley this...

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  • After hard fall, farmer counselling service has busy winter

    Mar 19/19, Category health & wellness

    The P.E.I. Farm Assistance Program mental health counselling service has received as many calls in the last three months as...

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