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Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program celebrates first anniversary and announces continuation of program

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Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program celebrates first anniversary and announces continuation of program

Wednesday, March 15, 2022 (LA SALLE, MB) – Manitoba’s only free one on one counselling service for farm families celebrates its first anniversary this month. With significant support from sponsors and a growing following on social media, the Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program (MFWP) has lots to celebrate including their announcement of the continuation of the service in Manitoba.

“Last year was an exciting year for MFWP,” says Marcel Hacault, MFWP’s chair. “On March 1, 2022 we launched our confidential, no cost counselling services to support the mental health and wellness of Manitoba farm families. We saw a need and with overwhelming support from the industry, we are excited to announce we are continuing this service in Manitoba. We are thankful for the growing community of sponsors and supporters that see value in the program, and we are in a great position for the future.”

The MFWP board is currently going through a strategic planning exercise to define the future direction of the program. Part of that exercise is establishing the sustainability of the program, not just financially, but also from an awareness and promotion perspective..

“What we learned in our first year is that the program works, is valued by those who use it and it should be continued. This year we would like to raise funds to support 160 Manitoba farm families, and our focus will be on increasing awareness about the program with industry, farmers and health care professionals,” says Roberta Galbraith, vice chair, MFWP.

The results of the program can be summed up in this unsolicited testimonial: “A true highlight of the 2022 growing season for me was finding out about and using the counselling services provided by MFWP. Not only was it encouraging to hear that such a program exists, my sessions with Kim provided me with valuable perspective and insight towards how my own mental health is connected to the health of my farm. I better understand now that tending to my own self and my own mental health is equally as important as tending to the fields. These lessons are benefiting me immensely.”

Farmers and their immediate family members can access six free, confidential one on one (one hour) counselling sessions with a registered counsellor with a background in agriculture, funded by the MFWP. The services are available during the day, evenings or on weekends to accommodate farmers’ unique schedules, and can be in person, by telephone or video chat depending on preference.

If you are interested in booking an appointment with a counsellor, making a donation or learning more about the program, visit

About Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program
The Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program is a non-profit organization established October 26, 2021, and is led by a working board of directors. The Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program exists to provide one on one counselling sessions by professional counselors with backgrounds in agriculture to farmers and their families seeking mental health services. For more information, visit

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