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Farm Family Podcast: Episode 07 - Making Good Decisions For Farm Transition with Lance Woodbury

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Episode 07: Making Good Decisions For Farm Transition with Lance Woodbury

by Elaine Froese | September 18, 2023 | Farm Family Harmony Podcast

Join Elaine in this episode as she sits down with Lance Woodbury, a renowned expert in farm transition planning. Lance’s expertise has guided countless families to achieve prosperous farm successions.

Tune in to discover insightful discussions on decision-making strategies for farm transitions, the essential steps for a seamless farm transfer, and navigating the intricate landscape of family dynamics during this crucial process.

Elaine and Lance also shed light on pivotal financial considerations and the legal facets of farm succession. These elements are the bedrock for ensuring a harmonious transition within your farming family.

Get your farm family talking and making decisions to kick-start better farm transition conversations.

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