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17.91 Acres

Saint Jean Baptiste, Manitoba

Listing Details
Property Id #: 18063
Price: $800,000
Farm Type: Agribusiness
Acreage (Total): 17.91
Municipality / County: RM of Montcalm
Province: Manitoba
Postal Code: R0G 2B0
Listing Remarks
Seed plant and grain storage facility south of Saint Jean Baptiste, MB. Excellent opportunity to purchase a well run seed plant with good access off HWY 75. Complete seed operation with land, plant and all required equipment including but not limited to gravity tables, baggers, sorters, office building, scale, probe, truck scale, trucks, tractors, trailers, skid steers, grain vacs, augers and spare tools & parts. Ideal property to continue as a seed cleaning facility and retail location, operate as a grain storage facility. Also could function as a collection and export facility to US destinations. For a complete information package, contact listing agent Dolf Feddes at 204.745.0451 for more details.
Residence Remarks
Property & Land Remarks
Directions: South on HWY 75, past Saint Jean Baptiste for 2 3/4 miles. Property is on the east side of highway. 15 miles from the Canada/US border.
Property Legal Description: ORG 197--AG--3798 Lot A & B--54836
Acreage (Total): 17.91
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Barn: Old Plant 60' x 28' with 1 man door.

Plant 1 74' x 60' (14' high) with 1 man door and a 10' x 12' overhead door.

Plant 1 Bagging Room 34' x 12' (10' high) with 1 man door.

Plant 1 Tote Filling 58' x 50' (16' high) with 1 man door, 6' x 9' overhead door, 10' x 10'  overhead door to warehouse and 12' x 12' overhead door to Plant 1.

Plant 1 Warehouse 84' x 65' (20' high) with 2 man doors, 2 9' x 9' overhead loading dock  doors and a 12' x 14' overhead door.

Plant 2 25' x 60' (16' high) with 1 man door and a 20' x 14' overhead door.

Plant 2 Bagging Room 24' x 24' (16' high) Plant 2 bagging room with 1 man door.

Plant 2 Warehouse 60' x 60' (16' high) with 1 man door, a 10' x 10' overhead loading dock  door and a 24' x 14' overhead door.

Machine Shed: 32' x 30' (16' high) truck bay with 1 man door and two 12' x 16' overhead doors
Workshop: 70' x 36' (14' high) shop with 1 man door and an 18' x 14 overhead door
Workshop: 86' x 36' office
Additional Listing Remarks
How to View
How to View: Through listing agent Dolf Feddes at 204.745.0451

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