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317.52 Acres

Midale, Saskatchewan

Listing Details
Property Id #: 16449
Price: $1,050,000
Farm Type: Grain
Acreage (Total): 317.52
Municipality / County: RM of Cymri #36
Province: Saskatchewan
Postal Code: S0C 0B3
Listing Remarks
ISC Acres: 317.52
RM: Cymri #36
Asking Price: $1,050,000
SAMA Cultivated Acres: 280
2021 SAMA Assessed Value: $387,400
2022 Property Taxes: $1,367.91

2 quarter sections of farmland with great access for sale located in the Midale, SK area. SAMA Field Sheets identify 280 cultivated acres. SW 16 is currently in grain production, and NE 07 is currently seeded to tame hay, but could readily be put back into grain production. There are oil surface leases on the property generating $13,835 of annual revenue which are to be included. Buyer to do their own due diligence as to the number of farmable acres. The land is rented for the 2023 cropping season.

Offers to purchase to be submitted to Seller's Brokerage by 12:00 PM on May 30, 2023 and to be open for acceptance by the Seller until 5:00 PM on June 2, 2023. Highest or any offer not necessarily accepted.
Residence Remarks
Property & Land Remarks
Land Remarks: SAMA Cultivated Acres: 280
SAMA Assessed Value: $387,400

SCIC Soil Class: J

Soil Colour & Soil Zone: Dark Brown - 2A
Soil Association & Texture: Amulet/Roughbark - Clay Loam/Loam

Soil Final Rating Weighted Average: 51.45

SAMA Topography Rating: Mostly T1 & some T3
SAMA Stoniness Rating: S2
Property Legal Description: SW 16-06-11 W2 Ext 0 (Surface Parcel Number 110947709)
NE 07-06-11 W2 Ext 0 (Surface Parcel Number 110947361)
Acreage (Total): 317.52
Workable Acres: 280
Soil Type: Dark Brown - Amulet Clay Loam/Roughbark Loam - J Soil Class
Surface Lease Income (Annual): $13,835
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Additional Listing Remarks
Oil Remarks: Annual Oil Surface Lease Revenue: $13,835
Lease Remarks: Land is rented for 2023 cropping season. Available to farm in 2024.
Property Taxes: $1,368
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