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Lallemand Plant Care Launches New, First-of-its-Kind, Multi-Action Granular Inoculant in Canada

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MONTREAL, QUEBEC, July 15th, 2022 – The next generation of Nitrogen fixation is here. LALFIX® START SPHERICAL Granule is a new granular inoculant that combines two unique rhizobium strains with a plant growth promoting microorganism (PGPM), Bacillus velezensis. New to the Canadian market, this robust and proven PGPM increases root mass and enhances phosphorus solubilization.

The addition of this PGPM has created a one-of-a-kind, multi-action granular inoculant that provides early season plant vigour benefits and phosphorus solubilization across a wide range of soil pH levels. “We are excited to introduce this market-leading granular inoculant to the Canadian agriculture industry,” says Scott Gray, Commercial Manager at Lallemand Plant Care. “The robust Bacillus velezensis strain was isolated from 1,800 strains for its consistent performance in thousands of lab and outdoor trials in all conditions. We predict it will quickly become the gold standard for phosphorus solubilization in North America.”

LALFIX START SPHERCIAL Granule is now available for pea, lentil, soybean, and faba bean growers. Formulated with Lallemand’s innovative high porosity granule structure, this inoculant is virtually dust free, with no bridging, and reduced bulk density for superior soil coverage. “At Lallemand, we work hard to support the success of growers. We are proud to bring this next generation inoculant to the Canadian market while addressing growers’ wants such as less downtime, increased rhizobium titer for a longer duration, and easier handling and application.”

About Lallemand
Since the beginning of the 20th Century, LALLEMAND has been an expert in yeast and bacteria manufacturing. The family-owned, privately held Canadian company is now a global leader in the development, production, and marketing of microorganisms for various agri-food industries. Lallemand has 4,500 employees located in over 40 countries and is active on all five continents. Using sound science and know-how, LALLEMAND PLANT CARE (LPC) works
closely with clients to deliver the right technology, in the right formulation, for the right application. LPC is committed to solving grower challenges, significantly improving yield and crop vitality.
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