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John Deere - Gain 7 Days at Wheat Harvest

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Gain 7 Days at Wheat Harvest4

According to independent testing by the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI), the X9 1100 with HD50R header delivered 28% more harvesting capacity with no sacrifice in grain quality when compared with equipment from other manufacturers. That means you can finish wheat harvest a week earlier and move on to other crops. In canola, this combine and header also captures more crop, providing an additional $3.00 per acre of potential revenue.

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A more efficient engine

A new John Deere 13.6-liter engine delivers up to a 45% increase in harvesting capacity, while only needing 11% more horsepower than an S7901.


Seamless speed control

30%2 more torque to handle larger loads with a smooth power increase with the new ProDriveTM XL transmission.


Belt-drive system

Our simplified belt-drive system uses larger pulleys and longer belts to improve the handoff of power and belt wear-life2.

20% less fuel

It's not just the engine that delivers lower fuel costs, it's every aspect of the design. The belts, transmission, residue system, rotors, and lower RPM all play a role in saving you money on fuel.

Improved residue management

New system spreads up to 50-feet wide; the double-decker design provides better air flow for even distribution with less power consumption.

Wet corn. Tough straw. Staring down less-than-ideal harvest conditions as go time approaches. We’ve all been there. You have a tight harvest window and an even tighter profit margin. You need more productivity and low losses. You need a combine that can get as much done in a day as you need it to — day in and day out, season after season.

You need an X9 Combine. These new combines deliver an average of 45% more harvesting capacity across all crops, with no sacrifice in grain quality — all while using 20% less fuel2. The X9 1100 can harvest up to 30 acres an hour in wheat. And it can harvest up to 7,200 bushels an hour in high-yielding corn, which is more than enough to fill 7 semi-trailer trucks per hour.3

That’s Harvesting to the Power of X.

1Internal testing of X9 1100 Combine. 
2Internal comparison between X9 1100 and S790 Combines, based on field conditions, per unit harvested.
3Semi-trailer trucks with 993-bushel capacity.

4John Deere X9 1100 with HD50R compared with Claas Lexion 8800 with MacDon
FD145. Calculation based on a header savings of 0.4% bushels per acre, harvesting 72 bushels per acre, and canola pricing at $10.60 USD per bushel, resulting in $3.00 USD per acre yield savings. See PAMI report for full details.
Pre-production model shown. Specifications and design subject to change.