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How to enhance customer relationships and drive sales in your agricultural retail business

Reference: Telus Agriculture

Agricultural retail operations come with a unique set of challenges, particularly for agronomists and advisors tasked with creating tailored recommendations for customers. From the manual processes to the complexities of collaboration among various stakeholders, the hurdles can feel overwhelming.

A digital solution can help streamline operations while fostering stronger customer relationships. Learn how embracing digital agronomy tools can revolutionize your approach to customer-centricity and drive business success.

Operational hurdles affecting business outcomes

Manually crafting hundreds of unique recommendations for customers can be a daunting task. Each recommendation, tailored to specific fields and crops, becomes a bespoke solution, making it difficult to scale.

The use of spreadsheets or pen-and-paper methods can lead to disorganization and inefficiency. The risk of human error or miscalculations in these processes requires labour-intensive recalculations that are not easily identified. Ownership of tasks among agronomists, crop scouts, applicators and advisors can also become muddled, making collaboration more difficult.

The potential to expand your customer bases can be hindered by constraints such as service times and the labour-intensive nature of manual reporting, tracking and recommendation writing.

Acknowledging these challenges is the first step toward a transformative solution that addresses operational enhancements and helps cultivate stronger relationships between retailers and customers.

A new era of customer-centricity

Enter the digital agronomy product. A tool that allows you to invest more into customer relationships while saving hours documenting field operations manually.

Data-driven insights

Digital agronomy tools collect and analyze data, empowering retailers to identify patterns, trends and opportunities for improvement. This allows you to quickly provide personalized recommendations based on specific needs, preferences, buying patterns and local regulatory requirements. This streamlined process, facilitated by saving custom mixes and automating calculations, can minimize service times and ensure that recommendations are accurate. Any effort to reduce the potential for human error is a worthy endeavour.

Increased customer satisfaction

The platform goes beyond optimization – it enables you to offer ongoing support to your customers. By providing reliable support, retailers build trust and strengthen relationships with customers. The ability to share recommendations, records or labels with various partners enhances collaboration and accessibility, freeing agronomists from the constraints of a single desktop computer or office.

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