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Eating ultra-processed foods can increase risk of early death: study

Reference: CTV News

A major French study published Monday has found for the first time a link between the consumption of ultra-processed foods and a higher risk of death, but researchers warned more work was needed to determine which mechanisms were at play.

The study, which involved monitoring the diets of tens of thousands of French people between 2009 and 2017, found a modest link between increased consumption of ultra-processed foods -- characterized as ready-to-eat or -heat formulations -- and a heightened mortality risk during that period.

The results were published in JAMA Internal Medicine published by the American Medical Association.

But "we shouldn't be alarmist, or say that eating a packaged meal gives you a 15-per cent higher chance of dying," cautioned Mathilde Touvier, director of the nutritional epidemiology research team at Paris 13 University, which managed the NutriNet-Sante study along with teams from Inserm, Inra and CNAM... Read More