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Sheppard Realty

3287 E Quance St
Regina, SK. S4V 3B7

About Me

Devan has lived in Saskatchewan his whole life and has had a passion for business stemming from his entrepreneurial spirit that sparked at a young age. He has now come full circle and is serving his community as a Residential, Farm and Commercial REALTOR®. Education is important to Devan who has his B.B.A. from the University of Regina with a major in marketing. He is committed to continue learning through books and courses for personal development that will in turn help him better serve clients.

Devan has worked with his family team in real estate since 2011, during which he has learned tremendous amounts about the real estate industry. When serving clients, he always put himself in their shoes to ensure they are treated in a manner that he or anyone else would be satisfied with. To achieve this, Devan always strives to go the extra mile and raise the bar instead of just meeting it.

Health and wellness have always played a major role in Devan’s life. From a young age playing sports, to his current commitment to the gym and all other aspects of living a healthy life, his commitment is strong. Transferring the high level of commitment and dedication nurtured in the gym into the service he provides to clients makes Devan the agent you can count on!

About Sheppard Realty

We are a full service real estate brokerage based in Regina, SK with a focus on Saskatchewan farm & ranch real estate. Our family team stands by our slogan to help our clients “every acre of the way” with the process of buying &/or selling of Saskatchewan farm and ranch real estate.

At Sheppard Realty we bring our knowledge, experience, networks, successful track record, strong inter-personal people skills and a “think outside the box” mentality to the table every time we go to work for a buyer or seller client.

No matter what situation has you looking to buy or sell real estate, we have you covered.

Retiring/Retired farmers looking to sell their farm.

This is often times a very difficult process to move on from a lifetime of memories and work, and we understand how hard this can be. We are here to make the process smooth, enjoyable, and help the hard working retiring farmers get the most $$$ for their hard work. If needed we can also assist with relocation to the city after the farm is sold.