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CFIA says don't plant 'unsolicited packages of seeds' received in mail

Reference: CTV News

TORONTO -- The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning Canadians not to plant packages of “unsolicited” seeds.

The agency said in a statement that these seeds can contain invasive species and can be harmful to agricultural and natural areas.

“Do not plant seeds from unknown origins,” the CFIA wrote in the statement. “Unauthorized seeds could be the seeds of invasive plants, or carry plant pests, which can be harmful when introduced into Canada.”

In a tweet, the Ontario Provincial Police said the foreign seeds are typically sent from China or Taiwan.

The CFIA is urging anyone who receives these seeds to contact their regional CFIA office and keep the package until an inspector contacts you.

The United States Department of Agriculture issued a similar warning on Tuesday, stating it’s believed the seeds are part of a “brushing scam,” in which a seller sends someone a cheap product or empty box, then uses that shipment information to create a fake review for the company, which can boost its rating on e-commerce sites.

USDA said it is collecting the seeds from those who’ve received them for further testing... Read More