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As a farmer, I'm sick of being harassed online by animal rights activists

Reference: CBC News

Another Veganuary came and went. As the calendar page was turned, a collective sigh of annoyed relief went up around the world from farmers who use social media.

For anyone unfamiliar with Veganuary, it is an online veganism campaign coinciding with the New Year. It probably started as a way to peacefully promote and spread helpful information about an alternative diet and lifestyle, but it quickly became an ugly circus where the farmers that feed our country are bullied, insulted and threatened.

I know first-hand the toll this additional stress can take on the mind of a beleaguered farmer already dealing with the depths of winter. It's unpleasant to say the least.

I have been threatened with both personal harm and financial ruin. My children have been insulted and threatened. My words have been twisted and distorted... Read More