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5 ROI Killers For Nitrogen – and how to beat them

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1. Paying twice. With most nitrogen (N) sources you’ll have to make two or more applications to get your plants the N they need for season-long feeding.

2. N loss. Many N sources are highly susceptible to leaching, volatilization, and denitrification that rob your plants of vital – and expensive – N.

3. Not factoring in fuel costs. When you double your applications you double your fuel costs.

4. Not factoring in run time on your equipment. Extra wear and tear and servicing costs from extra applications are budget busters.

5. Smaller yields and lower quality crops. N plays a big role in yields and quality. If you’re not getting maximum yields and quality you’re not getting maximum returns.

ESN is the ONLY N source that beats ALL these ROI killers

ESN® SMART NITROGEN is a urea granule encapsulated in a flexible polymer coating that protects nitrogen from loss mechanisms and controls its release to match plant demand. ESN is designed to beat the ROI killers. Here’s how:
All your N in one application
One preplant application of ESN will often provide adequate season-long feeding for your plants. That means you only pay for N once and you’ll avoid the fuel and wear and tear costs from multiple applications.
Reduced loss
ESN’s polymer coating helps protect its N from loss. And ESN is responsive nitrogen; your N stays put until it responds to the same soil conditions that trigger plant growth.
Higher yields, better quality
In studies across North America ESN has been proven to deliver higher quality crops and bigger yields than conventional N sources.