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Spring frost destroys strawberry crops in parts of Quebec

Reference: CBC News

In many parts of the province, strawberry season has started early this year, and the mouthwatering red berries are appearing on shelves more than two weeks ahead of schedule.

"[It's] really exceptional," said Jennifer Crawford, the director general of the Quebec Strawberry and Raspberry Producers' Association. "The fields are beautiful, the flowers are really, really big this year."

"Growers are really enthusiastic and expecting a good yield and good quality of fruit," she said.

But despite early, bountiful harvests for some, other growers have been hit hard by recent periods of frost.

"We had a cold weekend, despite the warmer spring, so that was rough on some farmers," said Crawford.

She said the farmers most affected were those outside Quebec City, as well as in the eastern and northern regions of the province.

For some producers, such as Eastern Townships strawberry farmer Stéphan Perreault, the severe frost may have cost him the biggest, juiciest berries of the early season.

"We don't have any numbers yet, because we're going to see it by the end of the season," he said. "But it's a severe one."

Perreault said he and other farmers who lost some of their crops are hoping more productive harvests later in the summer will help salvage the season.

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