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Quick and creative ways to keep farm safety top of mind

Reference: FCC

Farm safety talks are tough. The warnings and cautions have all been spoken before. Some think a farm accident could never happen to them. And yet the injuries continue because the accidents keep happening.

Canadian Agricultural Safety Association recommends Toolbox Talks, two to five-minute meetings at the start of the day, or before a specific job, about undertaking agricultural tasks safely and properly.

“This is a great way to keep safety on the mind,” says Robert Gobeil, CASA’s ag health and safety specialist. “I believe that the time performing these talks is well spent compared to the cost of having an incident.”

Toolbox templates
CASA offers toolbox templates and provides scores of example subjects, from operating farm equipment and machinery to working in extreme weather conditions.

“Some of the Toolbox Talks were chosen to be developed based on incident data and suggestions from members, staff, and partners,” Gobeil says.

CASA says its templates can be adjusted to custom fit any operation’s safety plan.

Inventive additions
Paige Stewart’s Saskatchewan operation has orthodox safety measures like regular meetings and incident report templates for accidents and near-misses but mixed in is a bit of creative flair... Read More