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Purple paradise at a Creemore lavender farm

Reference: CTV News

CREEMORE, ONT. -- Three acres of purple paradise in Creemore offers sights and smells, unlike anything else.

The Purple Hill Lavender Farm has been around for four years, farming the beautiful, fragrant flower.

"One, for the beauty of it. It looks so spectacular," said Jessica Ridding. "But also the number of different ways you can use lavender. Whether its a bouquet, using it for home and body products, [it's] proven to help reduce stress, sleeping, and really just relaxing."

Ridding said the farm has eight varieties of English and French lavender.

After its harvested, the lavender is dried and sold fresh, put into products or made into essential oils.

This is the first year the Riddings have opened to the public, and the response has been overwhelming.

"People have been so positive and, just been coming to enjoy the aroma of lavender," Ridding added.

Visitors can shop at the Farm Chic Boutique, where the farm products are sold.

The farm is open to visitors from Friday through to Monday. Tickets can be purchased... Read More