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'Our motto is to feed the world': Central Alberta farmers selling crops for a good cause

Reference: CTV News

RED DEER -- As harvest season wraps up for another year, some central Albertan farmers have an extra reason to celebrate.

A team of people lead by Mikaela Lemay helped tend to a 40-acre lot of barley in Trochu by donating their time, experience and equipment. This barley is then being sold, with the profits going toward Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

"We use those funds to support programs around the world, to buy food for people in crisis, to support agriculture development programs and to provide nutritional support to young mothers and children facing malnutrition," said Canadian Foodgrains Bank Executive Director Jim Cornelius...Read More

"We are so fortunate in Canada to have all of the opportunities we are afforded. To have food and know where it comes from. So I think about the importance of giving back," said Lemay.