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Opposition calls for investigation into grocery prices

Reference: CTV News

Saskatchewan’s NDP opposition is calling for an investigation into grocery prices. On Tuesday, it proposed that food retailers be called before a committee of the legislature to justify what consumers are being charged.

Canadian grocery prices are increasing at a rate not seen in forty years. Saskatchewan is a major food producer so the NDP want a committee of the legislature to investigate what’s going on.

“Saskatchewan people want answers and we believe they deserve answers,” said NDP leader Carla Beck.

The premier rejected the call for a legislative committee investigation into higher grocery prices. The government said it already knows the main contributing factor.

“I pay carbon tax and everything that comes into my farm and I’m paying carbon tax on everything that leaves my farm. Now that even goes for the people in the grocery stores,” said David Marit, minister of Agriculture.

The NDP opposition believes the legislature needs to look deeper.

“I think we can investigate things like grocery store and supply chain issues, fair pricing for Saskatchewan producers and consumers and food security in Canada’s north,” said NDP MLA Trent Wotherspoon.

The federal competition bureau is already investigating grocery pricing. The Saskatchewan government believes it is the best approach.

“To say that the carbon tax doesn’t have an impact, it has a huge impact on the food pricing and what’s happening not only in Saskatchewan but right across this country,” said Marit.

The NDP’s call for a legislative committee investigation into grocery prices was put to a vote of the legislature. The idea was rejected... Read More