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Northern Seeds: A west Quebec seed producer plants a future

Reference: CTV News

GATINEAU, QUE -- Catherine Wallenburg was born and raised in Montreal. But today she’s a country gal; her spirit in full bloom when working the land.

"Manual Labour does wonders for me," smiles Wallenburg.

For years, in her twenties, Wallenburg lived in an intentional community in the U.S.; a commune founded in the 1960s.

"A lot of seeds were planted at that time. It was my first brush with rural living and with agriculture. And I was really taken with it," she said.

After working on some local farms in the Gatineau Hills, Wallenburg put down roots of her own in Farrellton, captivated by the gift of the natural landscape.

“The beauty of it is something I appreciate every day. I just loved it here, so I decided to make it my home,” said Wallenburg.

It’s also Wallenburg’s place of business. Along with growing flowers, vegetables and herbs, the grower wants to help you grow to love growing.

"The name of the company is Northern Seeds. I aim to produce really top-quality seeds for northern gardeners," she said.

"And that means seeds that are resilient to our conditions--the short growing season, pest pressure and occasional drought. Really, whatever comes our way," she said.

There are more than 90 varieties of high-quality seeds in Wallenburg’s catalogue, all certified organic, open pollinated and non-GMO.

"They’re alive. They’re latent but they’re alive. And I love that."... Read More