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144 Acres

EstevanRmNo5, Saskatchewan

Listing Details
Property Id #: SK771581
Price: $210,000
Farm Type: Grain
Acreage (Total): 143.95
County / Municipality: EstevanRmNo5
Nearest Town: Bienfait
Property Offered: Land
Postal Code: S0C 0M0
Listing Remarks
143.95 ISC acres with good access available for 2019 seeding. SE 24-3-7 W2 Ext 46 (ISC Parcel #166194007). 139 SAMA Cultivated Acres. 'G' SCIC Soil Class Rating. $159,300.00 Assessed Value. $210,000.00 Asking Price. 1.32 x Assessed Value Asking Price. $1,458.84 Per ISC Acre. $1,510.79 Per SAMA Cultivated Acre. Contact listing agent for additional details.
Residence Remarks
Property & Land Remarks
Acreage (Total): 143.95
Fences: None
School Bus: Yes
Sloughs: Some
Stones: Some
Topography: Flat
Property has been mapped to general proximity. Location may not be 100% accurate. Please contact listing agent.
Additional Listing Remarks

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