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40 Acres

Bare land
Sheraton Township, Ontario

Listing Details
Property Id #: 6113
Price: $38,000
Farm Type: Bare land
Acreage (Total): 40
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: Na
Listing Remarks
40 ACRES UNORGANIZED TOWNSHIP This is an interesting 40 acre property located in Sheraton Township. It was once part of an entire 159 acre parcel of land. In a search of property records at the Registry Office we found some interesting facts about this property. We found that the property was part of an original VETERAN GRANT of 159 acres from the Crown to the next of kin of a man who was a volunteer who served in South Africa, and the Volunteer Militia who served on the Frontier in 1866. The property was granted by “Edward the Seventh, By the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas, KING, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India.” WE HAVE A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL LAND GRANT. The property was granted in 1908 Here is what you get when you own this property. An unorganized property, No zoning, A wonderful hunting property, Good road to the property, Lots of privacy and seclusion. UNORGANIZED means that you don’t require a building permit. There is NO ZONING and NO ZONING REGULATIONS. Build what you want on your property. Build any number of buildings you want on your property. Build any size of building that you want on your property. SURFACE RIGHTS COME WITH THE PROPERTY TREE RIGHTS COME WITH THE PROPERTY other than the Pine trees which are reserved to the Crown. There are plenty of good mature trees on the property. You can drive right to this property on a good sand and gravel road. The access road is through Crown Land so no one can deny you access to your property. ACCESS is IN the NON-WINTER MONTHS! No one plows or maintains the access road I winter. The access road to the property is off the Gibson Lake Road and it continues to and even past the property. This distance is about 2.6 kilometers or 1.6 miles. CROWN LANDS ADJOIN the property to the the west and the south. LOTS OF CROWN LAND! We saw MANY MOOSE TRACKS on the property PLUS lots of BLACK BEAR SIGN. The small game hunting is also very good in this area. Located in WMU 29 THIS IS A WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY TO ENJOY AND DO everything you have dreamed of like; BUILD A HUNT CABIN AND GOE EXPLORING THE CROWN LANDS and GO FISHING ON THE AREA LAKES ALL FROM YOUR OWN BASE FROM YOUR OWN PROPERTY
Residence Remarks
Property & Land Remarks
Property Legal Description: Property Type: Land
Acreage (Total): 40
Additional Listing Remarks
How to View
How to View: Contact Elio Scocchia 807.683.9871

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