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1679.39 Acres

Cash crop
Austin, Manitoba

Listing Details
Property Id #: 15428
Price: $5,038,000
Farm Type: Cash crop
Acreage (Total): 1679.39
Municipality / County: 66055 Road 74 North Road N, Austin
Province: Manitoba
Postal Code: R0H 0C0
Listing Remarks
Productive family farm in a scenic private setting located between Gladstone and Austin just off of Highway 34. 1680 acres with 1470 arable. Almasippi sandy loam land. G and H Manitoba crop insurance rated. No stones, making land great for all crops including beans and potatoes. Updated home with many features, includes a large heated insulated shop and cattle handling facilities. Also included is NE 8-13-12. 116 acres.
Residence Remarks
Property & Land Remarks
Property Legal Description: not available
Acreage (Total): 1679.39
Workable Acres: 1470
Soil Type: Almasippi sandy loam
Crop Insurance Yield Rate: G and H
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Additional Listing Remarks
Property Taxes: $21,437
How to View
How to View: Contact Listing Agent: Craig Frondall 204-476-4777

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