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160 Acres

Sheraton Township, Ontario

Listing Details
Property Id #: 15025
Price: $200,000
Farm Type: Hunting/Fishing
Acreage (Total): 160
Municipality / County: Sheraton Township
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: P4N 0B2
Listing Remarks
The cabin was started construction in early spring of 2000 and completed around June of 2000.  It is of frame construction and has a metal roof.  There are 2 bunk beds, one Queen on bottom and 3 doubles, with brand new mattresses, rarely used and very clean.  There’s an old kitchen table with 4 chairs.  There’s a newer wood stove hardly or never used.  It was summer so we didn’t need to use it.  The cabin is insulated. Interior pictures are available but don’t have access to them until one of the owners returns from vacation in the Philippines.  There’s a outhouse and a small new plastic Shed.

The property is gated, and gate is located in the South West corner with entrance on south side, and the Cabin is located in the South East corner of property closest to Sheraton Lake.


A 1996 8 wheel ARGO also comes with the property.  The Argo is at the property and the owner states that the last time they used it coming out it kept stalling, so not sure how well it runs.  We think it may be bad gas in the tank.  They had to leave it in the bush because they couldn’t find a trailer to rent to take it with them, so it’s still sitting in the bush.  Hopefully it is still there as over the winter it is unknown if it was taken, stripped down or what it’s status is at this point. If it still there then it is included in the sale.

The generator was purchased new in the summer of 2021 at Canadian Tire and is at the Cabin. It was only used once. It’s 3550/4450 W and we have placed an image of the generator in our pictures.

There is a used 14’ aluminum boat with paddles and older life jackets, that are also at the Cabin.  The boat comes with the cabin
Residence Remarks
Property & Land Remarks
Property Legal Description: not available
Acreage (Total): 160
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Additional Listing Remarks
How to View
How to View: Contact Listing Agent: Elio Scocchia (807) 624-7977

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