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Rainy River, Ontario

Listing Details
Property Id #: 15011
Price: $90,000
Farm Type: Hunting/Fishing
Municipality / County: Pattullo Township, Rainy River
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: P0W 1L0
Listing Remarks
This property is located in the Rainy River District, and this is deer country!A prime 151 Acre hunting property in Pattullo Township which is within The Corporation of the Township of Morley.  Pattullo Township is AN ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP.

The Corporation of the Township of Morley is located within the Rainy River District, approximately 45 kilometres west of the Town of Fort Frances, between the Townships of Chapple to the east and Dawson to the west.

The Corporation of the Township of Morley is comprised primarily of rural activity relying largely on agriculture and natural resources.

The Township is primarily a rural area comprised of a mix of agriculture, agriculture related uses, forestry, and rural land uses including commercial, industrial and pockets of rural residential uses.
This is a large property of 151 acres.

The property has about 2,609 feet of frontage on the east side of Foresters Road.

The contour maps show that this property is pretty well flat and level with little difference in elevation from the front at roadside to the rear.

The property is timbered primarily with Black Spruce and Poplar trees.

Looking at some of the aerials you can see numerous game trails throughout the property.

If you’re looking for a property where you can do a trophy whitetail deer hunt every year the this is the property for you.

The Rainy River district of Northwestern Ontario and this area in particular has thousands of acres of unspoiled wilderness to hunt these trophy whitetail bucks.

This property is situated in the prime area of Northwestern Ontario, for hunting deer.
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Property & Land Remarks
Property Legal Description: not available
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How to View: Contact Listing Agent: Elio Scocchia (807) 624-7977

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